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Each Luxiaa Hair Bundle contains premium Raw hair with naturally aligned cuticles, meaning max lustre and sheen keeping you looking glamorous. Our raw hair bundles are a natural black colour, which can be dyed jet black  or any other colour of your choice. We do recommend that this is however done by a professional in order to maintain its show stopping sleek and silky look.

Luxiaa Raw Natural Hair

    • Hair Type: Real Indonesian hair, thick strands
    • Hair Feature: Thick, dull, durable, versatile, longevity, comfort
    • Hair Quality: 100% Raw Human Hair
    • Hair Grade: Raw (11A)
    • Hair Length: 8″ – 36″
    • Hair Coloring: Natural Black
    • Chemical Processing: None – Bamboo Steamed to achieve texture
    • Deal includes: One (1)
    • Lifetime: 5+ years with proper care
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