Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Josee's Professional Braiding Studio 226 Seven Sisters Road Unit 4 Finsbury Park London N4 3NX

How can I make a booking?

Simple call or send us a message: You can book an appointment via calling the Salon on: 0207 263 3433 You can send a whatsapp message to Josee on: 07958 377 344 or you can send us an e-mail a full list or our contact information can be found on the Contact page of the website.

What are your opening times?

We are open Monday to Saturday. Please see opening times below. Monday - 10am - 6pm Tuesday - 10am - 6pm Wednesday - 10am - 6pm Thursday - 10am - 6pm Friday - 10am - 6pm Saturday - 9am - 7pm Sunday - Closed

Do you sell hair extension?

Yes! we sell Original Xpression hair which is best for braids. We have a huge range of colours to suit different hair colours and create different looks.

If I bring my own hair/products, will I get a discount?

No! We appreciate the efforts our customers make to they get value for money but we can rest assure you that we use the best products on the market and provide the best customer experience, which in our view is priceless.

Can I attend without a pre-booked appointment?

We advise all our customers book an appointment in advance before coming. We do accept walk-ins however on our busy days we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fit you in.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Call the salon telephone number and ask for your booking to be cancelled at least 3 hours before your appointment.

Does braids make your hair grow faster?

braids can help to make your hair grow faster as it provides it with a stable structure and protects your hair.

Is it OK to braid hair while wet?

Braiding hair whilst still wet can cause damage to your hair as wet hair is more fragile.

How long will feed in braids last?

Feeding braids last two weeks. The second week is not as neat as the first week. to keep them neat as long as possible we advice that you sleep with a head scarf.

How long should I leave my braids in?

Try to keep your braids in for no longer than 8 weeks.