5 Latest Braiding and Protective Hairstyles

Updated: Jan 5

So we have been locked in our homes for the past 4 months!!! We were literally been left to our own devices when it came to our haircare. What new hair tricks have you learnt? What did you do to take care of your hair? Did you learn anything new about your haircare regime?

It has most definitely been such unprecedented times, could you have ever imagined being without your trusted hairstylist for over 3 months! Now that the salons have reopened we have noticed that these beautiful ladies have arrived back with style and are experimenting and doing amazing protective styles and braids.

Before you get overwhelmed with all the styles available online, we have decided to put together 10 of the best choices when it comes to durability, protection and style. If you do consider going for any of these choices we can assure you that you will be leaving the Salon feeling empowered and confident. Not to mention how many heads you will turn with such show stopping hair!

See below what the top 5 Latest Braiding styles…

Number 1 - Knotless Braids

Knotless braids is a lovely way to protect your hair and because there is no friction to
Knotless Braids By Josee Professional Braiding Studio

Knotless Braids are a huge favourite with this technique there is less tugging on your hair. Also without a knot, there is no friction at your scalp, resulting in no breakage and less shedding. It is highly protective and perfect for fine hair.

Number 2 - Passion Twist

Passion Twist By Josee Professional Braiding Studio

Passion Twist are very interesting because of its unique texture and curl pattern. They are fun and playful and have an effortlessly natural beauty feel. It is relatively low maintenance and can be styled easily. This hair style gets more beautiful with age and has a very modern chic look about it.

Number 3 - Stitch Feed-in Braids

Stitch Braids
Stitch Braids By Josee Professional Braiding Studio

Stitch Feed-in Braids adds a unique twist to regular cornrows, this type of style screams out 'my hairstylist is creative, experienced and the bomb!'. If you want people to be amazed at the intricacy of your hairstyle then this is a good one. Unlike your regular cornrows stitch require a feed-in technique which means that the end result will have a more flawless finish.

Number 4 - Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids By Josee Professional Braiding Studio

Goddess Braids are what i like to call two-in-one it somewhat infuses two amazing hair textures into one style. The length and curls definitely add a luxurious look to the staple braid style that is coming through in parts. This style protects your natural hair and stops it from drying out and can last between 4 - 6 weeks.

Number 5 - Half up Half down

Half up Half down Stitch By Josee Professional Braiding Studio

With this look you can still have fun with you hair being down but without any distractions to the face. This half up half down feed-in braids look is very stylish and classy. It allows for you to look sophisticated and yet fun at the same time. It can be done in both twist or a three strand braid with way looks fantastic!

So there you have it! these style are not your everyday go to braid styles but are certainly different and add a new flare to the regular braid. If you are scared of trying something new hopefully this has given you some inspiration to be more daring!